Farewell UK

With one more week to go, we have been reflecting on our year here, & feel as though this has been a bonus/detour stage of our lives. It has given us some experience, savings & training but it was never meant to be for a long time. We feel like we are now heading off into the second stage/level of our lives together. We are excited & nervous at the same time.


We leave London on Tuesday 24th July. We will spend a month or so staying with my brother, having a bit of a holiday and trying to find a place to live etc.

Our jobs start on 29th Aug with few orientation & teacher only days before the children start in September.

As our jobs are based in Kiev (British International School) we will be finding a flat/house to rent in the city, but aim to head south (about an hour) most weekends to spend time in Rzhyshchiv where my brother lives.

It is also our intention to buy a house out that way & spend our weekends working on it.


We had our last day at church toady. We have really enjoyed being apart of this church family, and will miss the encouragement & challenge from these guys – they have restored our faith in modern church gatherings.


I am continuing with cricket, with my last game this coming Sunday before we leave. I have learnt heaps & loved being part of the team. You can check out my statistics on our club's website.
We hope to keep up some kind of sport in Ukraine – I think we might have to start with squash & the gym and wait & see what other sports are available.


We haven’t been anywhere lately, just spent a lot of time enduring the rainy season they call summer over here & in between trying to play cricket & enjoy the BBQ & backyard!


Our contract with the school in Kiev is initially for a year but we think we would like to be in Ukraine longer than this. At this stage we are thinking more like a stay of 3-5 years, but who knows what will happen & where God will lead. We will take one year at a time, but we do feel as though this is a ‘niche’ we could live in for a long while.