Enjoying Matauri Bay on our 10th wedding anniversay
To say 2012 has been a life-changing year is almost an under-statement.  It is interesting to look back over the last 12 months and see how much has changed since this time last year.

Jay's first Kingfish
The year started off in a cruisy manner with continued renovations to our lounge, a great summer camp, trips to the beach & some good fishing.

Jon continued on in his job as a secondary music teacher, taking on another day per week & more students.  He also volunteered with the ambulance service (St John) and completed a few courses throughout the year to now be at a level of “First Responder.” Playing on the music team at church and renovations on our house has also kept him busy.

I was offered 2 permanent days at the same school as Jon & with my other day continuing on from last year, 3 days of work a week became my routine.   I continued to volunteer at Girl Guides, and spent considerable amounts of time on the preparation &administration of the 3 camps we have run this year.
What was put back into my body!

Early March saw us in Auckland for over a week as we completed the IVF process.  It was an interesting ride – one I wouldn’t care to repeat again.  BUT we were over-joyed and very thankful when the results came back not long after to say we were pregnant.  The rest of the year then began to fit into the different phases of pregnancy.  You can read about the whole journey on my blog at www.roofellin.blogspot.com

We enjoyed having friends from Tauranaga come & visit us in Easter, when we enjoyed a bit of fishing & some good weather.
From the same hen??
My sister & her family came to visit us in the July holidays, and again we enjoyed some fishing and other activities.
We also had a few pets added to our family in the way of 3 chickens (fresh eggs everyday) and 1 crazy kitten/cat.
We also enjoyed spending most Saturdays during the winter watching our nephews play soccer.  It is nice to have family so close & be apart of their lives.

Happy Reunion
Spring saw us starting to prepare for the arrival of our baby, I stopped working & Jon started on the baby’s room.  It all seemed rather surreal, but on November 28th, Gabriella Ruth Grace Pirini was born.  She is an amazing and beautiful gift from God, who continues to blow us away.  At this stage we are just settling into life with her, but she is very good & is sleeping & eating well.  For a whole lot more photos of her go to http://flic.kr/s/aHsjD78wkc

Gabriella Ruth Grace Pirini -- 7lb 11
Lounge progress
As we look ahead to the next year, Jon will continue in his same job (although he will now be fulltime).  We will still aim to run 3 camps this year – see www.lonsdalechildren.blogspot.com for the reports of these camps & how God is at work there.  Our plan is also to travel in the middle of the year for about 6 weeks to both the States & Ukraine. Near the end of the year I might look at going back to work for one day a week.
Baby room progress

We look back over this year with thankfulness & glad to have so many people all over NZ & around the world who we see as family who pray & support us.
God Bless & Merry Xmas to you all