Spring 2010

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How much hope does that little word bring? We have had a loooong, white winter with the last of the snow melting about 10 days ago. It’s amazing how our spirits lift when we can get outdoors and be active again. We have had our first BBQ (in jackets), our yard has been cleaned up, grass seeded, and the all-important vege garden competition is underway.
So what else have we been up to?

I have started my study again with my last 3 papers. I have found it enjoyable and stretches my mind. It is good to be busy again. I have continued with my 2 students each week and have been seriously considering turning this kind of tutoring/teaching into an online business venture. I have started blogging again (see www.roofellin.blogspot.com) and enjoying reading other people’s blogs and exercising my intellect this way.

My friend Cheryl and I have spent some serious hours upstairs finishing off the lining, gib and painting. We laid carpet and then managed to get our couch up the stairs before Jon built the interior walls. We have just had the electricity put in, and with just paint, and few other small jobs to go it is almost finished. It has been a long process, but we are already enjoying the benefits of an extra lounge space/guest bedroom. It also has a fantastic view. This is the last major project we will complete on our house, and we although enjoyable we will be glad it is over, and we can just enjoy having people here. (Photo story at end)
Jon is still travelling every day about 3-4 hours and it is really beginning to take its toll. He is looking forward to finishing up at the school, and having a well-deserved break. He is still music teaching 4-5 people (bass/guitar) each Saturday morn and leading the music at church. His studio is working out really well for this. He also enjoys playing squash each week with my brother. (I have had an injury break for the past 3 months!)

This summer is looking fun & busy for us. We are happy to have my parents visit in June for about 3 weeks, and then my sister and her family will also visit at the end of July for 10 days. We think we also might put on a hangi at our place for our friends and neighbours near the end of August.

About a month ago my brother borrowed our car, and through no fault of his own had a major accident and wrote it off! (Full story here) So we are very thankful to God that he walked out alive, but we no longer have a car. We have decided to rent a car for the next 5 months, BECAUSE in 5 months time we will be travelling back to NZ. We have booked our tickets and leave here on the 3rd September, spending time in Abu Dhabi, Delhi, Bangalore, & Singapore, before arriving in NZ on the 14th September. We have bought one-way tickets, but still with the idea of returning here at some stage. We hope to rent our house while we are gone.

We seem to be at a crossroads in regards to making a decision about the future. We have come to a place
here now where we are setup with house and language skills (well Jon at least) and now do we take
the plunge and commit long-term, or is it time to move on. We really want something specific to return to here. At this point it seems as though we are the batsman ready to run (somewhere) and are getting
the call “WAITING” and are yet to see whether it is
waiting no, or waiting yes.We do know that God holds the future, and we can trust in Him.

Looking forward to seeing a lot of you later on in the year – be great to catch up when we are back in NZ
with a lot of friends and family.
Keep in touch,
Ruth & Jon

Upstairs progress…