London1 -- 5th June 2006

'ello everyone 'ows it going?

We have made it safe and sound to London with all our bags, so praise the Lord for that. After traveling for about 30 hours altogether it was a relief to have a shower and hit the sack! The flights and trip was uneventful but long and tiring. We had about a 5 hour stop in Argentina, and about an hour stop in Madrid, so that at least broke the journey. It was great though to get through the last customs and see our baggage waiting for us on the carousel, as we hadn't seen it since Paraguay!

We are staying here at a relatives place just north of London in a place called Watford. At the moment we are looking for jobs -- desperately as you will know everything is expensive here until you start earning the pounds. Jon reckons the currency is called pounds because you almost need to cut of a pound or two of your own flesh to pay for stuff!!! I am surprise at the amount of street names I know. It is amazing really how good a teacher Monopoly is!!

WE have explored the main centre of Watford a few times, helped in the garden, watched NZ play Brazil in football (I think they did ok, at least I wasn't embarrassed) and spent time online looking for jobs. We have wireless broadband where we are staying so that is great. World Cup Fever is well and truly underway here and next Saturday England's first game is against Paraguay!! I think I might wear my Paraguay shirt!!!

Yesterday (Sunday) we got the train into central London and meet one of our friends (Bex Souter who I flatted with in Kaitaia) and went with her to Hillsong London church. We really enjoyed it, it was in the Dominion Theatre, which is really lovely but we were not permitted to take any photos! Started off with "Salvation is here" so we at least knew that song. It was really cool as partway through the service they had a time of prayer for requests & praise points that were anonymously written on cards, I thought that was a great way for corporate yet meaningful prayer!

We haven't really done too much else yet. Have booked tickets to fly to the Ukraine on 26th June, so we have about 3 weeks here until then.

Jon is trying to sort out a permit so he can busk on the London Underground!

Until next time,

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