News from the Motherland -- 8th September 2006

Well how are you all?
We are doing well here and settling in ok. The good news is that I (Ruth) have a job starting Monday for 3 weeks at the same school as Jon, and it may lead to more work, so although a bit nervous it will be good to be back at work. (No more sleep-ins!) Jon is enjoying his job (had 1 week now) and I think he will really enjoy the challenge & enjoyment of teaching music.
The flat we have shifted into is working out well. (see attached photos) As you can see from the pics, we have the flags on the wall of all the countries we have been to so far. I was thinking a mighty all blacks flag or NZ silver fern flag would look great at the top of them all. If anyone would be so kind as to send one.... well, I will love you forever! Our other flatmates are a couple from NZ (Southland to be precise) & Aus. They are cruisy and easy to get on with which is cool. We went to watch the All Blacks with them last Sat, so some fellow supporters. The house is in a quiet street -- hardly any traffic noise (heaps better than Tauranga) just the sound of the sirens at night! and our landlord is really friendly and helpful.
We went back to Hillsong Church on Sunday and enjoyed it. We think we will make that our church for the year. It will be good to make some friends and maybe get into some sport so we wont have to recluse ourselves in our own house all the time!
We see this year as a good time to earn pounds and just spend time together as a couple, hopefully stress free. Jon also hopes to get music tuition with the aim to get the official music grades -- the piece of paper! We also aim to make the most of being near Europe & visiting some other countries of interest.
Our thoughts at this time in regards to our future is to go back to Ukraine in the Christmas holidays to experience it in the winter, and get a different feel for the country, with the aim in mind of maybe shifting back there in July for an indefinite period of time. We are still praying about this, and really seeking God as to where He wants us, as we realize that that is the only place where we will have peace in our hearts.
Not much else more to report...
Until next time

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