November News 2006 -- 28th November 2006

What we used to call the ‘crazy season’ in NZ…hasn’t seemed quite the same this year. It is getting cold (we have had to buy lots of winter woolys!) & dark here…and instead of the long nights, BBQs & end of year breakups we are finding ourselves watching rugby, staying inside where it is warm & celebrating when we see the sun! Yes, things are definitely different over here, more than we had thought & we are trying to understand & adjust. We have found ourselves at times unaware culturally, and although the language we speak is the same, often the meanings are very very different!! We have found it at times very difficult, and lately have been quite homesick for NZ & things that are ‘normal’, but I think we are learning, that everywhere we go we will always take the weather with us, and we can determine what we look at & focus on.

In regards to work…the class Jon has been struggling with has definitely settled down, and he feels as though he is making some small steps with them. He is busy at the moment in the middle of organizing the Christmas production, which is on Dec 11th & 12th. I didn’t get the job I applied for at the school…& although initially I was quite disappointed, I think now, it wasn’t really what I was looking for, and God had it all in control. I am still getting consistently 3-4 days supply at this school anyway, & we have decided that I wont take any other supply at other schools, so at least I have some normality & routine about where I will be working. I have talked to the Principal about giving me a definite 2-3 days a week & I think this is in the pipeline. I am learning to trust God in the certainty of work.

Out & about…we have watched all the All Black games, which included the French games in the pub, with French commentary – quite an experience. The other weekend we hired a car, and together with George & Mahala (school friend I have know since I was 12-13) we visited Stonehenge & Bath. Stonehenge was amazing to see first hand & so mysterious, an awesome site of history. In Bath we explored the Roman baths, which are also an amazing piece of history & then we had scones & tea in the old dining hall with live music. It was a really good day & experience. Jon has also joined a local chess club, so he enjoys playing each Thurs nights, plus some tournaments. My hobby at the moment is playing settlers online & I am trying to get a top 50 rating!

We have found a church in Watford (about 20 mins north of where we are) that we have enjoyed attending, and think we will keep going back to. It is also meeting in a school hall, and although a bit smaller is similar in some ways to the church we used to attend in Tauranga.Check it out online if you are interested…

It is about 3 weeks until the end of the school year, and our trip back to Ukraine. (We fly out on Dec 21st & will be back on Jan 3rd) We are counting down the days & really looking forward to it. I am assuming for us this year will be a white Christmas. We will definitely miss you all at this time, and wish you a great time with family & friends, an awesome holiday time, and all the best for 2007. We aim to be back in NZ next year sometime after July hopefully. Thanks for your prayers & friendship over our year of travels. We have enjoyed & grown seeing more of God’s world, creation & people.

God Bless,

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