Ukraine Life -- 7th July 2006

Hi there everyone...

We have now been in Ukraine for almost 2 weeks. Things have been non-stop since we arrived with a mission's team from Australia arriving 4 days after us and also one of Jono's (my brother) friends (Ben) from Australia arriving a day after us. Ben and Jono are in charge of the mission team while they are here and they are also running a camp together.

We have been involved with both of these things and managed to keep ourselves busy. Although the projects (running a camp and youth work) are very similar to what we used to do in New Zealand it is great to be a part of it in another culture and also as a helper rather than an organizer.

The village we are staying in is built next to a big river and the beach and water is a big part of the community's life now as it is summer. The camp we are having starts this Monday until Friday and is on an island in the river. It is an absolutely beautiful spot and an amazing piece of God's paradise here on the other side of the world. We have spent the last 2 days setting the camp up, taking dozens of boatloads (Jon) of people, firewood, tents etc. over there. We are looking forward to a great time.

The people here are very friendly and we have made friends easily within the group of young people and the church here. We have spent time on the beach with them, watching the world cup, going to the circus and also a traditional festival. The town was celebrating its 855th year -- there is so much history here its really amazing. Going to the war memorial where battles actually happened was also quite sobering to think about.

We are enjoying our time... still not sure yet as to where to after this- I think we will think about that when it happens!!

Until next time

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