Update 10 -- 3rd May 2006

Hi there everyone again,

Well since last week... we were suppose to be away for a trip around the countryside. We set off okay, but got only about an hour away, when the car decided to have a bit of a spazz again!! (see photos) So the safest option was to turn around and get back. We got back okay, and now the car is at the mechanics awaiting a new engine! So far they have had 3 different engines sent up from the capital, each time the wrong one, so sent back again!! We are yet to see if they will get the right one.

If this doesn't work out, then maybe in about 2 weeks time, we will bus ourselves into Asuncion and try to do some of those things ourselves. Wait & see.

So in the meantime, we have got back into the swing of things here, and since all the doors have been hung in MEGA we have just completed the last coat of varnish on them. We have also enjoyed the extra time to read heaps of books, and relax and have spent a bit of time in song writing.

This last Monday was a public holiday, so we spent a bit of time with the local boys, even taught them how to play touch rugby. Not too many forward passes, although some attempts at American Football styles! They seem to enjoy it, although as young boys go, they really want Jon to teach them 'hard' rugby! This weekend we may try to see if any want to be converted to a 'Settlers fan'!

We have had a cold spell here -- down to 19 degrees in the day, and about 10 at night. With a cold southerly the wind, the locals are really complaining -- kinda funny to watch them layer on the clothes!! We have a fire inside the last few nights too (see photos) which takes the chill off the air, and also fills the house with smoke!

You will also notice in the photos, Jon's new growth, kinda like the face stuff, but on his back -- that's disturbing!!

We have heard there is a Tsunami warning today for Fiji & New Zealand, we hope & pray you will all be safe, and that there won’t be too much of a disaster. We will keep our eyes on the internet news, but let us know what is happening if you can!

Until next time,

God Bless,

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