Update 9 -- 26th April 2006

Week 7
Hey there everyone,
We are doing well here and just coping with the very hot weather we have at the moment!
Yesterday it was 38 degrees in the sun, and 33 in the shade!!
We have completely finished the soccer field although it still needs leveling, and also
finished painting the windows. The doors have been hung, so I suppose the next job
(apart from the playground and volleyball net & poles) will be to put the last coat of varnish
on them. There is lots here to keep us busy.
We are off tomorrow on a bit of a sightseeing trip, which will include the largest falls in the
world and also the largest hydro-electric dam in the world, plus a night or two with the
Ache Indians and also a look at some Jesuit ruins. We aim to be on the road about 2 weeks in
total. We will take our laptop, but the email maybe sporadic.
Last weekend we took a trip out to the country to visit Frank's great uncles, who live in a
small cottage (see photos). We also got to see firsthand the making of a thatch roof -- very
Other than that, not much to report, we are keeping well, attempting to make plans for our
trip to England. Once we get back from this trip around, it will only be about 2 more weeks
before we leave.
Thanks for all the news we get from home, it is really good to hear how everyone is going.
Until next time,
Hasta la vista

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