Update 6 -- 4th April 2006

Hey there everyone,

We have had one week here now, and have enjoyed getting into routine and settling a bit into "everyday" life.

After the initial shock of hard physical work to Jon's body of machete-ing a field of grass (in the heat) he has adjusted, is feeling better and enjoying helping out with the building & cleaning up of MEGA (Multi Education for General Aquino) & it's grounds.

I have finished sanding & painting the tables & chairs, and will be varnishing them in the next week.

We have meet some of the locals, had an exciting trip to the Mennonite colony (called Friesland) on a very muddy road, and been introduced to more of the bug life (see photos).

We are gradually getting more understanding in our Spanish, and keeping well. It's not too hot here, nothing we can't handle.

It has also been good to have a break and take a step back from our lives in NZ and re-assess what is important to us, and dream about our future.

The field that Jon spent some time cutting (& taking the hay away) is now been able to be used for soccer, so tonight was the first game. Apparently it's a daily occurrence after work is over for the day, so that should keep us fit.

Hope you enjoy the photos, and that it gives you a bit of a visual idea of what it is like here,

Until next time,

Jon & Ruth Ellen Pirini

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