Update 8 -- 20th April 2006

Week 6

Hey there everyone,

Hope you all had a good Easter. Over here the Easter break is quite a big thing, religiously and family wise. A lot of families get together for this time.

We had a few trips away during the long weekend. We drove out to the port (river, not the sea!) and went for a ride on a boat. I was desperately trying to see a crocodile or piranha but I had no luck. We also visited a few people plus a trip to Friesland for groceries. My sister also had her birthday on the Friday, plus one of the next door neighbors had his on the same day, so we were invited over there for a Paraguayan style BBQ to celebrate (see photos) with all the extended family. Jon especially enjoyed the interaction with the people, and spent a bit of the weekend with the boys over there playing chess and volleyball. We were also going to go and visit Frank’s uncle, but on the Friday night (just as we were running back from the BBQ as fast as we could) it started to pour with rain & we had a massive electrical storm -- the best lightening & loudest thunder I have ever heard & seen! Because of this the roads were really bad, so we didn’t go out the next day, although Jon & Frank went and put a tarp on the roof (see photos) of a guy who is paralyzed and his roof was leaking because of the storm. It actually got quite cold after that, and we had to put on a jumper & long pants!

Work wise we have finished the varnishing of the doors, and this week we have measured, mown, & marked both a volleyball court & soccer field (see photos), and we have enjoyed using the soccer field, yet to get the net sorted for the volleyball court. We have also painted the table tennis table its last coat, and been painting the louver windows in MEGA.

MEGA is coming along quite well, (see photos) and is not far off being ready for the pre-school to start. We have enjoyed the physical work, and learning things as we go.

Next week we are off to visit I think the biggest dam in the world in Brazil, Iguacu Falls, and the Ache Indians. Should be really good.

When we get back our project is to start the building the playground!

We are well, although suffering from insect bites, and I dropped a glass jar on my foot last night & got a few small cuts! But otherwise we are good and enjoying the change, lots of good books and time to talk and chill.


Well it has been another week of learning Spanish- and making mistakes. This week’s funny was when I was trying to say that “this is my brother-in-law”, instead I managed to say “el es mi hermano epeleptico” meaning this is my epileptic brother which brought a bit of a laugh.

Hasta luego,

Jon & Ruth Ellen Pirini

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