Prayers Answered -- 14th March 2006

As I type we are winging our way to Argentina on Airbus 340. So obviously we got the required documents in time!

It was midday today we had to make the call to either postpone our flights or take the chance of missing them since we still hadn’t received our passports and Jon’s visa. 12:10 the phone rang to say they had arrived from where we needed to pick them up! Praise the Lord, and thanks to those who prayed, we felt very relieved and were happy to make our way to the airport knowing we were leaving today!

It was great to have Jon’s sister Geordie and her family surprise us by coming down from Kaitaia to see us off. Our parents were also there and Jon’s aunty. Although it was a bit sad, we were joking about having our names over the loud speaker to make our flight, and just our luck as we were boarding we heard our names!! I don’t know where time went!

We are about to have dinner on the plane, and we will arrive in about 9 hours time, which will be 1pm local time. We aim to head to our hostel and then the embassy for the last visa we need!! Will update you more then! Bye for now and thanks for your prayers

Um yip, so we are here, it is random, and I feel I think culture shock!! The plane flight was bearable, but I think I might have got about 2 hours sleep!!! We arrived in the rain, the customs was loose as, and very easy to get through, without even scanning one bag. No problems getting a transfer to the YHA hostel we are staying in, although Jon tried to hop in the front of the car, and almost got in the drivers side, as it is left-hand drive here!! The lanes on the motorway are just guidelines I think because they seem to drive more on them, than in them. All the apartment buildings look like lego houses, and things here are quite old, but so far the people are very friendly although they talk very fast and are very expressive.

Jon has just left to walk 10 blocks to the Paraguayan consulate, and as it is muggy I will have a shower, and maybe a bit of a rest, after all it is still today! (March 14th)

We plan to have these email updates with just what has been happening etc. my own thoughts/feelings and other info will be on my blog, the address for that is at the bottom of this email.

That’s all from us now,


Rufus & Jay

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