Update 2 -- 17th March 2006

Well we have almost finished out first leg of the journey here in Argentina. We leave our hostel this morning and head off to the airport to await our flight to Paraguay.

It has been an interesting time here, it’s definitely not a city that would be on my visit again list! The hostel has been good, and we have had free internet so that has been great, but not sure how well we will go with internet in Paraguay.

We haven’t really had a good impression of Argentina, because we have only been in Buenos Aires, which is a huge city of a population of 13million. It is dirty, old and quite poor. The streets have to be believed, the traffic is insane and the soccer is everything. There was a party all night long last night, as i think there team won.

Getting Jon's visa for Paraguay was a complete breeze, the hardest part was finding the consulate! But once we got there, we waited about 30 mins then had to come back in about 2-3 hours and we had it.

We tried out a restaurant for steak (photos on my blog) and did a bit of shopping, but other than that haven’t really been too adventurous. Trying to get over the jetlag, and learn a bit more Spanish!

Thanks to those who have emailed us, it’s been really good to hear what is happening at home,

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