Update 3 -- 19th March 2006

Hi there everyone again,

This time I am writing from Asuncion Paraguay! We arrived in Friday here about tea time, with no worries at all. After leaving the hostel we went out to Buenos Aires airport via taxi and basically spent the day there trying to kill the time before we boarded the plane. It is a very boring airport, and we managed to embarrass ourselves a few times, and make a few mistakes in Spanish. I think the funniest thing for us was going through the customs area where they scan your bags, and watching a women in a booth trying to play solitaire on her computer (she was obviously very bored) but it didn’t look like she actually knew how to play (I don’t think she knew we could see her) and kept moving the same card backwards and forwards!! Rather amusing.

Once we arrived in Paraguay we were pestered by people wanting to push our trolley, and although we opened our bags to declare some honey I had bought they were not interested at all and we got through without a hitch.

It was great to see Joanna and her family and also great to again speak in English. There car has a mechanical problem, so we will be in Asuncion to either Tuesday or Wednesday until it is fixed. It is much hotter here than in Argentina, and averages around 34 degrees, but it is not unbearable, although at times I feel quite lightheaded. We are pretty much over our jetlag, so sleeping and feeling much better.

Yesterday we went down town, and had a look around, and also saw a show being put on in the street. We came home for the cooked meal of the day and a rest, and then later on went out for a later light tea and a look around a mall.

Today we went to a church, which was great, friendly but I had no idea what was being said. We sang 3 songs, 2 of which I knew the tune of because they were English ones that had been translated. Quite an interesting experience.

I am enjoying Paraguay and really looking forward to getting up to Jo’s house so we can settle and be in one place for awhile. Our basic plan at this stage is once we leave here and head to London is to stay there for about 2 years, and then look to come back to New Zealand.

Hope you are all well, and we are enjoying getting the news from home, keep it up,

Until next time...

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