Update 4 -- 21st March 2006

Hey there everyone,

Thought I would send some photos this time, so they are attached.

We are enjoying Paraguay and think we have lost the jetlag problem so that is great.

Yesterday Frank spent at the mechanics workshop while the car is getting fixed. It looks as though it is the head gasket so it will be a big job!! He has to stay and watch them the whole time, as they may do something dodgy otherwise. We are just hanging at the guest house and killing time, as we have no vehicle, but it's been good just to relax, do some reading and hang out with my nieces and nephews.

I went to the hairdressers yesterday and got blond streaks in my hair. Cost me $10 NZ!! We are heading to the markets this afternoon on the bus, so that should be an experience!

Hopefully next time I write from General Aquino (the village Joanna lives in) if the car is fixed in time!


Jon & Ruth Ellen Pirini

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